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Yesterday I had chat with my daughter after Day 4 of Kindergarten. She told me how it was going, and then she told me about a friend she made. A boy. A boy who keeps kissing her on the cheek.

This is a testament to how strong Tony's mirrors are but also how much force she can propel herself with.

+a repair that isn't hidden, and that spills out over the fabric - which it has to - to be strong and connect

<Bland Marvel Headcanons> Thor whole-heartedly believes it, and searches the Nine Realms regularly, trying to find "The Man of Spiders' people."

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Deadpool being Deadpool

Ha, if only he could lift it... Y'all know it's photoshopped right. Right? Guys? ...

You think we’re just pretty things. You couldn’t be more wrong. Marvel Women and Little Mix's "Salute"

I like that the people who subtitled Emilie and Michael's words used the correct spellings for "mum"/ "mom", according to the country of origin of the actor.

Love this because Thor only just met Bruce and found out he turns into the Hulk; everyone who knows Bruce sees him as a monster but Thor doesn't. He knows Bruce is somewhere in there, that the Hulk is just a mindless beast.This is how he treats Loki,everyone sees him as evil, Thor is the only one who doesn't. I hate it when people say Thor is just muscle/looks; he's so much more. He’s the only one who gives the ‘monsters’ a chance to redeem themselves.

O_O Steve....I want to go to yur gym...
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O_O Steve....I want to go to yur gym...