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This is my sister's dog, Ben! He was the second dog after Charlie Brown! He is up in Heaven, with my Mittens, & Charlie Brown!

Free Hat Knitting Patterns

Free easy hat knitting pattern for kids, easy bobble hat by Helen Stewart. Free beginners hat knitting pattern Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky or Rowan Big Wool Sizes from Baby (14") to Man (22")

Inspired by the Woolly Hugs 'Kinship Projects' colour palettes I have decided to create some on my own to share with fellow crocheters & knitters (an

My younger daughter loves owls and I'm always looking for items that are owl related.  I came across a picture on pinterest a while back tha...

Clever sharing mittens! - These clever mittens are knitted in Bolivia by a self-managed community of indigenous women. In line with Fair Trade principles, they receive a living wage, which enables them to afford health care and education for their children.

Daily Awww: Kids caught in the act of CUTE (30 photos)

Panda Romper & Mittens Cute Baby Outfit - Cool, Cute & Funky Baby Clothes

Grammy's Hats and Mitts. I've worn them my entire life, every single member of my family has worn them their entire lives (and I'm not just ...

This photo is dedicated to my beloved best friend of 14 years. She passed last night Thursday September 4th. She lived a full, loving, amazing 14 years exactly as this was about the time we brought her home. She will be missed insanely. My family and I will never forget her. There is no cat like this one. She may have looked like this one almost exactly, but her soul was the most human. Rest in peace Tee. We love you so much.