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Ocean Sushi Mortsel

Ocean Sushi : delivery please!

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I love sushi dates with the hubby! Our favorite place here is called Sushi Court and it has both sushi and hibachi. We recently had a late lunch there with delicious sashimi and a few different rolls. So delicious and healthy!

delicious sushi

sushi is one of the best cutural food and made all over the world which shows good raw fish really is.

This looks amazing and you can use frozen Trader Joe's shrimp tempura for a short cut! I have to make these for Bri - Dragon Roll | JustOneCookbook.com

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll Sushi - you can use frozen Trader Joe's shrimp tempura for a short cut

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In Japanese food terminology, the word “sushi’ actually refers to vinegar rice, and not fish, while the word “sashimi” means pierced flesh.


I really like sushi, its one of my favorite foods. Raw, cooked, roll, or sashimi I don't care it's all good.

I could eat every piece on that display by myself. ♡

Sushi is eaten first with the eyes, but our chopsticks can't hold back. Such a beautiful sushi tray. Admire the beauty and color is so many natural things.