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This pin is of a poster made by a Third Grade Teacher. She is explaining in this poster what she expects of her students when asking them to summarize a story. I would use this poster in my classroom so my students could understand what I expect of them as well. I think what students would like about this poster is that it's clear and to the point.

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher: Charts and Posters Everywhere! - When a Teacher Asks You to Summarize.

Writing a summary anchor chart.

Writing a summary. We could use this at the end of the lesson to show our students what a good summary is. They could then write a summary of what we learned and we could use this as an assessment. This also goes great with our English TEK.

Guided Writing for Summaries (Fiction) Anchor Chart

Guided Writing for Summaries (Fiction) Anchor Chart Would love before a student moves on to pick another chapter book!

punctuation anchor chart

Fluency - Anchor chart for voice. Create this anchor chart together in large group to introduce importance of voice in reading fluency .