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How to use NoScript efficiently - NoScript, for those of you who do not know it, is an add-on for the Firefox web browser whose main feature is the blocking of scripts running on web pages you visit in the browser. | gHacks

Pale Moon 24 ships with many new – and old – features - Pale Moon is an excellent alternative to Firefox, for Firefox users who want to keep using their browser extensions but do not really like where Mozilla is headed. | gHacks

Dropbox 2.4 introduces screenshot import feature - The release of Dropbox 2.4 Stable introduces screenshot sharing to all users of Dropbox who run the software on Windows or Mac machines. | gHacks

Update Freezer: Control automatic updates of popular apps on Windows - Update Freezer is a nice program for users who either switch the state of automatic software updates on their systems regularly, and users who want to control everything from a single interface for convenience. | gHacks