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How to use NoScript efficiently - NoScript, for those of you who do not know it, is an add-on for the Firefox web browser whose main feature is the blocking of scripts running on web pages you visit in the browser. | gHacks

Pale Moon 24 ships with many new – and old – features - Pale Moon is an excellent alternative to Firefox, for Firefox users who want to keep using their browser extensions but do not really like where Mozilla is headed. | gHacks

Dropbox 2.4 introduces screenshot import feature - The release of Dropbox 2.4 Stable introduces screenshot sharing to all users of Dropbox who run the software on Windows or Mac machines. | gHacks

Update Freezer: Control automatic updates of popular apps on Windows - Update Freezer is a nice program for users who either switch the state of automatic software updates on their systems regularly, and users who want to control everything from a single interface for convenience. | gHacks

Use DownThemAll to download all files you want from websites in one go - DownThemAll is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that adds download manager capabilities to it. It does not require third party programs of any kind, and works right out of the box after installation. | gHacks

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview For Windows 7 Now Available - If you are running a version of Windows 7 you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has this week released a Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview specifically for their Windows 7 operating system. | Geeky Gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S4 quad-core Snapdragon model gets rooted before release - Popular XDA Developer member djrbliss, who has gained popularity largely for his work on Motorola devices, has released a simple root method for all Snapdragon-based quad-core GALAXY S 4 smartphones.

HTTP Nowhere for Firefox blocks all but encrypted traffic - You can use it to block any insecure traffic in Firefox, so that only https connections are permitted. The extension adds a single icon to the address bar that indicates whether it is active or not, and how many insecure connections it has disabled. A click on the icon lets you switch between encrypted mode and normal mode. | gHacks

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