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5 ways to enjoy the outdoors with your busy toddler

To say that I have busy toddler is an understatement. Once he began crawling, the chase began. When he started walking and running, all bets were off. I’m constantly having to come up with things to do to keep him busy.

The cheating conversation parents should have with kids after the Patriots scandal

A report released today by the independent attorney hired by the NFL concludes "it's more probable than not" the Patriots staff deliberately deflated footballs.

Project Scars: Powerful images show kids embracing scars

People often view scars as ugly imperfections. But the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) aims at inspiring everyone to embrace their so-called imperfections in a series called “Project Scars.

My toddler came home from daycare with a black eye

5 things I judged other parents for before having kids

5 easy ways to help boost your child’s confidence

Never, Ever Yell at Someone Else's Kid

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