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Canary Islands butterfly gardening in Tenerife

When we look at the butterfly we think of it as such a delicate and fragile creature of the natural world. It is surprising that there are species such as the Monarch that migrate great distances.

CFS Seeks Legal Protection for Monarchs Under Endangered Species Act Monarch butterflies are one of the most beautiful and iconic insects in the world, and they are in serious trouble. The monarch butterfly population in North America has been shrinking at an alarming rate. Why? A major culprit is the use of herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup on genetically engineered crops, which is destroying a significant portion of their breeding habitat.

My dad started a butterfly garden a few years back. It was so easy (just buy a few milkweed plants at a garden center) and butterflies will come, lay their eggs, eat every single leaf off of your plants, and then find a perfect spot to make their chrysalis and transform into a butterfly. So fun and never gets old :)

Butterflies are another pollinator that needs protection. Monarch Butterflies Need Federal Protection to Keep Them From Disappearing

The "super-generation" of butterflies that migrates to Mexico each year is simply amazing. Learn about the monarch migration journey.

Creating a wildlife garden in Tenerife in the Canary Islands

Wildlife gardening is very important and popular and can be done successfully in subtropical locations like Tenerife just like in cooler climates.

Did you notice how few #monarchs passed through this fall? Yesterday, the New York Times posted an editorial about the plight of monarch #conservation. The problem is as complicated and multifaceted as their incredible life cycle. But issues on both the Mexican wintering grounds and the North American breeding grounds are at fault. What can the average citizen do up here in the north? Try planting milkweed in your yard!! #butterfly #migration

The Monarch Butterfly is in Danger of Extinction – Here’s What You Can Do to Help

The population of monarch butterflies has taken a substantial drop over the past few decades � a devastating 96.5 percent to be exact

Gay Monarch butterflies and homosexuality in nature

Homosexuality is common among animals so why do people claim it is wrong and religions say it is sinful? One creature that displays homosexual behaviour is the monarch butterfly.