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Making the Switch From JPEG to RAW

Photography tutorial for beginners: a step by step guide on how to make the switch from photographing in JPEG to shooting in RAW. If you don't yet shot in RAW I suggest you give it a try after you have read this!

How To Take Birthday Candle Photos

Learn how to take better images of your child blowing out the cake in this step by step tutorial ...♥♥... on how to take birthday candle photos! Click through the read the tips.

Best DSLR for Filmmaking: 5 Great Cameras for Filming Your Next Scene

How Your Camera's Light Meter Works

Get accurate exposure by understanding how your camera's light meter works. Click through to read this photography tutorial for beginners!

Know the various methods of sharpening a photo in Adobe Photoshop and how to implement them properly. In this tutorial you will also...