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Do you have Text Neck?

Do you use your mobile devices non-stop? Does your neck ACHE? You may have what is commonly referred to as TEXT NECK.

MultiTask Your way to fitness

I love to sit on the spinning bike, and not only do I exercise, but I do many other things at the same time, using 1 of my favorite gadgets.

Dental Health!

Do you know that flossing is important for dental health because it helps to prevent heart disease and tooth decay? Do you floss daily?

Groene thee!

weight loss healthy tips diet. I'm really not a fan of the fast of green tea but I'm giving in and gonna buy a pack and drink a pack a day. Try it iced and as chai green tea, it's much better. Easily get my 5 cups in a day this way.

Karaoke, the new Music Therapy!

Do you have stress in your life? did you know that singing can be very therapeutic? Next time you have a hard day, try singing!

Cutting back on processed carbohydrates is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and start using body fat as fuel. Eating refined carbs, like white bread and sugar, stimulates the production of insulin, the fat storage hormone within your body. It also increases hunger and largely prevents stored body fat being accessed...

Cutting Carbs to Lose Weight

Massive Health Infographic: Carbs Are Killing You: Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat - Column Five Media. Also supports Paleo Diet.