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Ensaios de Gestante - À Espera do João Gabriel - Estalagem Alter Real - Pirenópolis

G. Lowercase 'g' is by far the most interesting character in English (in my humble opinion). It can be written so many different ways....

I thought for a second when I saw this that Mary Winchester was pregnant with Jesus and was trying to remember when that was a thing... Just on Supernatural would you even think that.

I'm not the only one who remembered that Gabriel went to Elizabeth, Zachariah, Joseph, and Mary!! OH THIS IS PERFECT

Oh Gabriel Macht a.k.a. Harvey Specter... Keep winking while I fall in love.

I hate pretending like I don't want another while you hold yours. If I said everything you feel guilty for your complaints and I feel like a jerk for sharing my pain.

maternity photography i want / maternity photography with siblings - Google Images

OMFG LOL! Jared has genital herpies and Jenssen has had a Vasectomy.... that is what I take from this picture in conduction to the trickster episode :)