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Screw Hillary and the DNC

He's like a renter who trashes the house out of spite, just before moving. He doesn't care about SECURITY deposit, just trash it as much as possible. Peaceful transition hell.

27 Badass Images Of Women Winning And Exercising The Right To Vote

A few year later women win the right to vote in provincial elections in Manitoba,Saskatchewan, and Alberta years had passed when finally Canadian women win the right to vote in federal elections over the age of 21. *Asian,black and first nations people are not aloud to vote*

This is becoming more childish by the moment. Had the administration not reacted...Netanyahu's speech would have be given and then he'd be gone. Interestingly, there is no mention in the article about the secret meetings that have been taking place between the White House and Netanyahu's challenger in the upcoming election...hmmm...

Donald "Billionaire Birther" Trump, Uncle Ben Carson, RNC Lies, GOP Memes & 2016 Election Cartoons - @MoneyTrain, FuTurXTV & Funk Gumbo Radio:

Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling repeatedly for one of their own, but now (suddenly) are morally opposed to it when it's a black democrat in office. Hmmmmmm....

Donald Trump appears doomed to inherit the next recession

President-elect Donald J. Trump may be the one left holding the bag when the next recession hits because of years of credit expansion. “He may be the unluckiest man in the world to win this job at this particular time,” Grant Williams, the author the research letter “Things That Make You Go Hmmm” and