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Many soldiers kept diaries during the war to pass time and for their families. Gettysburg was an importance battle because "it ended the Confederates hope of gaining help from Britain and France (p. 479)." Henry was part of the 96th Pennsylvania Regiment and saw action on July 2-3. He described flags hanging from peoples' windows and women offering the troops buckets of water.

The 96th Pennsylvania Volunteers Regiment, 1861, in formation of column of companies. At full strength a regiment should have over 1,000 men, with 10 Companies of 100 men each. As the war took its terrible toll, regiments got leaner (fewer or smaller bands and such) and smaller. By the time of Gettysburg, regimental strength, on average, was less than half of what it was meant to be.

Copy of official plan of Gettysburg. Pennsylvania, fought 1st, 2nd, 3rd July 1863. Map drawn by Robert Knox Sneden (1832-1918). Map attempts to show the locations of various units during each day of the battle. All major landmarks are indicated. Explore the map at