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Certifique-se de não ser apenas um dia comum com um pedido de casamento. Mas acorde sua amada já com um café da manhã com macarroons ou qualquer coisa da La Dure rs!                                                                                                                                                      More
Sunlight shining through the Parisian streets - Vicki Archer // https://www.instagram.com/vickiarcher/
#ellielee-I was a canvas. Skin so pale it was almost transparent, lines of blue and purple crossed over and branched off like the markings on a map directing my blood flow. I was a canvas. Staring at my veins I feel concealed and restrained, I'm a prisoner in my own body forced to wake up and go about my daily hell whilst the world mistakes me as part of it's scenery. I am irrelevant, apart of a chain moulded by society. I am told what I can and can't feel and so I am happy, I don't feel…
If you could wake up in your dreams ~ What would you see?  And when you wake up ~ Let me show you how Beautiful You really are to m£. Because one day I will Giv£ you the World ~ The World that I See. A World so Perfect ~ Your Wildest Fantasy.  A Fantasy crafted with love and passion ~ That reads like poetry. Just Giv£ me some Time ~ And I’ll show You what I mean. For Tim£ is all we have ~ But it’s all we need.  ~ D £ V I N C I ~  #devinci #devincitwins #devinci twins #diem vinci #poetry…
Paris attacks: France calls on EU to 'wake up' to threat - BBC News
Will the financial world wake up to clean energy thanks to Paris?