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"Then Julia stood for what seemed like forever in front of the Chanel boutique and wept, remembering Grace. How she always greeted Julia with a smile and a hug whenever she came to visit. How when Julia’s mother had passed away under tragic circumstances, Grace had told her that she loved her and would love to be her mother, if she’d let her. How Grace had been a better mother to her than Sharon ever had, to Sharon’s shame and Julia’s embarrassment..."

During my time at FIDM, I expect to be working on window displays. Using motion, depth, and perceptions in the design is something that I look forward to. I would love for people to walk by a window that I had created and stop to admire the display.

I think that it was genious for them to replicate a product and make it their window. They are literally showing off their merchandise. It is also showing product within the product, by putting mannequins on the carousal wearing their clothing, which is merchandise overload!

Paris window display Tissue bulbs, wedding season: Although lovely, the background an supporting elements should not overwhelm the subject and make it appear small and less interesting... Color choices and placement could have been revised here to increase attention to dress!