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The 8 Most Helpful Hand Sewing Stitches - I feel ashamed that I probably wouldn't be able to do these on command.

Mar 22 The 8 Most Helpful Hand Sewing Stitches

Excellent article on thread tensions and how to adjust them. Maybe this will help my birdnests!

Understanding Thread Tension

Understanding Thread Tension - learn how to use the tension devices on your sewing machine and how to thread for proper tension (image credit: Karen Meyer)

Stitches & Techniques | Di van Niekerk

Bullion knot stitch Di van Niekerk Bullion knot stitch, more prominent than a French knot, is most effective when you require a dense, rounded petal or stamen. Use one stitch for a single stamen or work them close together to form rosettes.

Hand Stitching Types: when to use them and how.  Terrific tutorial by Textile School.

Basic hand sewing stitches -one of my goals this year is to learn how to sew. (starting with the most basic of basics)

Hand Sewing Basics - Tutorial by =otohime0394 on deviantART

This is my first artisan crafts tutorial! I've been trying out lots of sewing recently, and I've decided that it could be a good path to go down if I wanted to make some money from my art - making .

10 Different Blanket Stitches - great for preparing woven edge when you want to crochet or knit off that edge

home sewing projects - fancy Stitch este​ such as blanket stitch, feather stitch, cross stitch and french knot