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If I could figure out where, I might actually tattoo this on me for my love of Doctor Who is that great. Sorry Highlander and Buffy.

Would love to specialise in this field. I am already concerningly familiar with the shadow proclamation.....

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The Tumblr-ization of Pinterest: Fish Fingers and Custard!

Captain Jack Harkness & River Song -- The two of them in one episode would be hilarious. Could you imagine all the flirting in an episode with both of them...

Peter Capaldi Fan Art | Photo Galleries | Doctor Who | BBC America

Clara Oswald - ''Thank you for making me feel special.'' The 12th Doctor - ''Thank-you for exactly the same thing.'' - Doctor Who.S08E12 - ''Death in Heaven'' (Doctor Who - BBC Series) source:

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12 incredible Doctor Who posters

12 incredible Doctor Who posters - the 10th Doctor

Jack gets his own category//Jack needs his own catagory. Also, about the Doctor's sexuality, I always thought it would be fluid. I mean if you can literally change gender without warning at any point in your life, I imagine you would be bisexual

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Literally Just 21 Funny “Doctor Who” Tumblr Posts

When they found Dwayne Johnson’s new role. | 21 Tumblr Posts That Prove “Doctor…