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Liberals during the early 1830s tried sweeping reforms, but they fell before a conservative reaction led by Antonio López de Santa Ana. He was a typical caudillo, and the defects of the regime drew foreign intervention by Spain and France. War with the United States ended in Mexican defeat and the loss of about one half of its territory. The war left a bitter distrust of the United States and caused a serious loss of Mexican economic potential.

Mexican War Daguerreotype of U.S. Grant, Previously Unpublished, & Only Surviving Example, - Cowan's Auctions

Quarter-Plate Daguerreotype - Two Uniformed & Armed 1847 Mexican War Volunteers

Quarter Plate Daguerreotype Two Uniformed Armed 1847 Mexican War Volunteers | eBay

Alexander I (Aleksandar I Karađorđević), also known as Alexander the Unifier (1888–1934) was a prince regent of Kingdom of Serbia & later a King of Yugoslavia from 1921–34. On Tuesday, 9 October 1934, he was arrived in Marseilles to start a state visit to France, to strengthen the two countries' alliance in the Little Entente. While Alexander was being driven in a car through the streets, a gunman stepped from the street & shot the King & the chauffeur with a semiautomatic pistol.

Samuel B. Ringgold, known as "Father of Modern Artillery" and for who Fort Ringgold was named after, was a U.S. Army Officer who died during the Mexican American war in Port Isabel. Many songs & cities honor his bravery during the Battle of Palo Alto.

MEXICAN WAR UNIFORMS -1-Capt,1st Line Reg. of Mexico; 2-Capt 4th US Infantry Reg; 3-Private, 4th Light Infantry of Mexico