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I love Jesus and believe in Him! - Please dear prayer warriors to pray for me - the Lord to guide me and I reached superior outcomes and blessings of the Lord for every area of my life. Let us pray: my relationship with Jesus - to be improved and strengthened; ministries that I have from God - prosper and I can be greatly productive there; my personal(intimate) life - to flourish, prosper, my dreams and wishes to come true and be blessed abundantly; Work and Career - Lord according to His…

Manifest Prosper: Three Things to Manifest Desires: Attention, Intent, Emotion. How to use affirmations.

Abraham-Hicks: “Say to yourself, ‘I am a wonderful Being. There is nothing that I canon achieve. Everything always works out magnificently for me. I live a charmed life. Things are supposed to, and always do, go well for me.Seas part for me. I have the resources of the Universe at my disposal. Good things come to me. And if I am sick…am not abundant of things that are important to me, it is temporary…And there is nothing that I am supposed to do, but all kinds of things that I want to do.’”

Free Angel Card Reading | Message from Your Angels

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REACT…another amazing friend, another amazing chat!!


Law of attraction The Abundance magazine // I highly recommend everyone who has some sort of relationship with money and work to read this mag! (Finally, a magazine dedicated to spirituality and finances.)

Angels are Beings of Light: without form or substance. They are said to glow with their own special auras and colours, and each angelic presence is an archetype. Archangel Michael shines with the colours of royal blue, or fiery red; Archangel Raphael glows with the colour green; Uriel 's colour is majestic red. All shine with the lIght of the Divine Presence.

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21 Empowering Affirmations for Business Success

Affirmations for business success. Video included for you to listen to.

Louise Hay affirmation. I'm thinking I can print a few of these up and use them as inspirational bookmarks.

Louise Hay affirmation. I'm thinking I can print a few of these up and use them as inspirational bookmarks.