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'Rip' the dog and ARP Warden Angelus visit an air raid shelter in Poplar, London, December 1941. Rip was very popular with the children in the shelter.

Elephant and Castle Underground Station Shelter: Men and women bedded down for the night on either side of a staircase.

Aldwych tube station, East London. 1940. The government initially tried to prevent Tube stations being used as air raid shelters. However, Londoners persisted and 79 stations were used as shelters. Aldwych station was closed and converted into a permanent shelter.

Tea being served to evacuated troops in a train at Addison Road station, London, 31 May 1940.

Civilians sheltering in Elephant and Castle Underground Station whilst passengers continue to use the trains, November 1940.

Miss A Potter teaches a maths lesson in the Elephant & Castle Underground station during an air raid alert over London in 1941