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15 Simplistic Movie Posters Your Inner Minimalist Will Love

I love Matt Damon's take on the franchise: "(On James Bond) He's repulsive. Bond is an imperialist, misogynist, sociopath who goes around bedding women and swilling martinis and killing people. The movies have a formula, they stick to it, and it makes them a lot of money. They know what they are doing and they're going to keep doing it."

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Morning coffee (39 photos)

That's why metal is the best genre<<< I was going to say that's why rock is best, but you know, whatever, lol

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Are You Smart Enough to Get These 12 Jokes?

Omg that so funny

check your meter/metre at the door !!

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NO ONE LISTENS TO KILLIAN<<<<SERIOUSLY THOUGH. They reaaaaaallly need to start taking his advice! HE KNOWS BEST. LEGIT. HE KNOWS WHATS UP.

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summer traditions

It's good to be happy... remember when the sound of an ice cream truck could send you into a conniption fit of euphoria?


Listening to music.

Yes. I do all of those things. So does @jadebailey52

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For the music lover in your life (33 photos)

song lyrics13 Music is everything (33 photos) <3 <3 <3 This song...before I even took the time to listen to the lyrics.