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HEAVEN WON'T TAKE ME AND HELL IS AFRAID I'LL TAKE OVER. Funny Printed... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring quotes, words, text, backgrounds, fillers, phrase ve saying


Sentence prompts.

please star trek? the first one at least is definitely sherlock :) and the second last one. and the cat one is big bang theory (love mr zazzles)

Blue hair!)) Ari: i walk around the shop to find baby things. My brothers girlfriend was pregnant. I smile as i pick a few things off the shelf. I put them in my basket and carry on walking. It was late and barely anyone was around. I pay and put them in my car. I smile a little and close the boot. I turn and felt my body get pushed back, into the car.

uest Post: How to Make Readers Care About Your Characters by Brianna da Silva 1. I introduced both characters early in the story (Prologue and Chapter 1). 2. I created sympathy for both characters. (Traumatic forms in both instances.) 3. I put both characters in jeopardy, almost immediately. 4. I made both characters likable. One character is funny, quirky and clumsy (familiar flaw); the other is good at what she does (skilled warrior). 5. While the story takes place in an unfamiliar…

Elisabeth Wheatley: Something for the next book in the series. (Ironically, Carl von Clausewitz advised against surrounding enemy forces for this very reason. :P)