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Oh my god

The thing with this post is that my crush does this when she get really happy. This is beautiful <<awww

s t i l l

Idek anymore honestly like I cried after I watched cuz I'm emotional trash and then cried because josh still isn't real in the videos

Omg Tyler you're so freaking cute. .. congrats on your win guys at the bilboard awards :O

Like honestly what fucking band has 21 people in it(and don't fucking say an orchestra cause they aren't bands and they have more than 21 people)


I don't understand why "true fans" can't like Stressed Out, like yes, it is overplayed and popular but in the end it's a TØP song and every TØP song is a great song.


No words can describe this I don't like twenty one pilot's but this is funny

Twenty One Pilots- has anyone noticed how scared the woman on the right is?…

Did you see this?

There is no good answer to this question. My cousin and I had a moment like this yesterday.we decided on ukulele-screamo. <<<< UKULELE-SCREAMO I'M DYING

Blurryface summary

Okay, but Lane Boy isn't rap hard at all compared to Ode To Sleep.<<< same I still fumble one part of ode to sleep but I had lane boy down in one night