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App Store - synchronize

App Store synchronize on Designspiration

Cue - Daily Agenda

What’s next: Cue analyzes the contents of your e-mail, calendar, and social-networking accounts and tries to summarize the information you need for the day.

Phone app design

Pinaloc by Adomas Jazdauskas, via Behance *** Pinaloc is a mobile application which lets people to Pin their experiences in particular places all around the world.

tabs on Smartr Contacts

tabs on Smartr Contacts

Weather App | Designer: Tsvetelin Nikolov - I know who needs another weather app.  But this one is actually interesting

Self explanatory really . :)Custom icons - created for the purpose of the project.Free background image for - rainy day.Stock image for - sunny day.

Labbler Music Community  User Experience and Interface Design for the Startup Labbler. Labbler is a music business community, the artists, labels, booking agents, clubs and fans helping each other to network. Labbler is a platform for uploading, sharing and searching of musicians, songs, charts, photos, events, news and more.

Labbler Music Community

Labbler Music Business Community - Bureau Oberhaeuser - Information & Interfacedesign

f6c3a170cd6bbc7ec96f719d1c052002.jpg 924×2,805픽셀

My favorite color as a website. I never thought anyone could justify the intensity to a client. Well Done Lipton Ice Tea

Jonathan Cohen's Expereal

Jonathan Cohen's Expereal

Navigation on Blush for Wine

Subtle shadowing and layering to create focus in a beautifully streamlined fashion.