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Becase love is love

Always be you, even through the struggles you may face during your male to female transition. You're absolutely amazing!

iemand zoals mijn vrienden<3

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accept who you are today

I can't believe that jerk Jake had the nerve to blame me for his incompetence. I'm not going to let this slide, I'm going to write an email to him right now letting him know "Don't come for me if I didn't send for you!" That piece of....Oh, look - a Law and Order marathon is on. And it's SVU. Ummm, Jake will get his eventually - Olivia and Elliott are on right now hack (do you guys see how boring my life is that I write these crazy ass descriptions praying someone gets what I'm putting out…

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Being single doesn't mean you are undesirable or unwanted. It means you know your worth, and you are waiting for someone who is worthy.

Being single isn't a curse. Not respecting yourself enough to let the wrong people walk all over you - is the real issue you should be worried about.

Yeah... To the left of my stomach.

No, every time I have to hold back the thousands of sarcastic comments it physically pains me.