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Dink's Craft Studio, Glitter/Micro Bead Station - Scrapbook.com

I LOVE these Lazy Susans I keep all my left over glue and bottles here as well as the glitter and micro beads

Dink's Craft Studio, Stamp Set Station - Scrapbook.com

I started storing my stamp sets in the beginning all according to the size of the box That worked out great until I moved into my new room of which I stored them ALL alphabetically I soon found out that I could not remember where what stamp was from what

Dink's Craft Studio, Cricut Station - Scrapbook.com

Dink's Craft Studio, Cricut Station - Scrapbook.com

Paper storage

cut out the backing on a bookcase for paper storage bins to fit on the top shelf of a smaller bookcase for next to the table