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Happy Female Hunter Bags Mountain Lion & Posts Photos. Angry Animal-Rights Folks Storm Social Media In The Most Vile Ways Imaginable.

Angry Animal-Rights Folks Storm Social Media in the Most Vile Ways Imaginable.

Jay the Cat: Prosecutor Issues ‘Spirited’ Response to Grand Jury Request From ‘Angry Animal Rights Mob’ Controversy Over Death of Cat Continues: Attorney Asks for Grand Jury After Prosecutor’s Office Declines to File Charges

A Lewis County prosecutor this week filed what he termed a “somewhat spirited” response to a request from an animal rights attorney to convene a grand jury to consider a

Professor Francione is Interviewed About Abolitionist Animal Rights on “Breaking the Set”

Animal rights movement essay definition In the modern society, people need to understand that all animals deserve enough freedom and protection. They have their own rights, and there is a special movement.

Local animal activists angry over alleged puppy mill in Missouri

An alleged puppy mill in Monroe has local activists up in arms and demanding answers.

An Open Letter To Angry Vegetarians

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