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World war 2 - the women still had it! They wore army clothes, had their hair curved perfectly, red lips and posed with the duck face! And how cute their hats are!

So Proudly We Serve - U.S. Marine Corps Women's Reserve. Vintage 1940's

sassy: adjective \ˈsa-sē\ impudent, lively, spirited, vigorous, distinctively smart and stylish, showing no respect for people in authority,...

Nearly one in five women who served during the Afghanistan or Iraq wars are unemployed. And female veterans are four times more likely to be homeless compared to both their female civilian and male veteran counterparts. It's time we start asking: Why isn't the media covering this?

Marlene Dietrich entertained the troops in Europe during World War II. Here's an AP photo Sept. 28, 1944 of the actress/singer walking down the street in London wearing a Women's Army Corps uniform, which was also worn by female USO camp show performers, only the patches on the uniform and the garrison cap are different ~

the first world war highly influence fashion. as men went off to fight, women took on their jobs and even volunteered to join the army. most of the jobs required uniforms hence the military look and the above ankle hemlines.

Original caption:The guns of war may be rumbling nearby, but even the perils of battle can't rob the American woman of her right to look her best at all times. Here, on the U.S. Fifth Army Front in Italy, WAC Private Lois Lebert of Lafayette, Louisiana, applies her lipstick outside her tent quarters.

With millions of men inducted into the armed forces during World War II, women flooded into factories to do "men's work" here at home. - WWII propaganda photo USA, women war workers