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ahh what would we do without Dionysus... Peter... Pierre... Percy!

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So, you think you're having a bad hair day? Meet the inch-long 'Cow Killer Ant' with a Boris Johnson barnet

This "Cow Killer Ant" can floor its victims with just one vicious sting. Despite its name the inch-long beast, known formally as the Thistledown Velvet Ant, is actually a wingless female wasp.

I take a step back, feeling the need to get away from her. Her eyes were locked on me, flaring with anger and blood lust. "Justice must be served." she says with no trace of emotion. She extends her palm towards me, immediately light blue mist drifted silently from her palm. I stare terrified at the blue mist as it drifts around me...YOU FINISH THE STORY! :)

something unnamed that sets us apart. If I had know, I'd have shown my face to the sky. And cried, and cried, and cried.

Jack Johnson "It's Always Better When We're Together" by LittleHeidiUK, £5.00

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Finally having watched all the x-men movies I will say in my best Captain…

(Click image for gif set!) As there was no movie provided for the prequel that Rowling wrote, a fan created a visual of the narrative using a gif set. Such gif sets offer the atmosphere of a film. Ben Barnes portrays Sirius Black and Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrays James Potter.

harm None P6 We have our Rede. The actual Rede is an entire document, but the last part says, “These eight words, the Rede fulfill: ‘an it harm none, do what thou will”. So the entire document is literally summed up and condensed into those eight words. The full Rede is a lovely poem that speaks of casting Circle, and where, when and how to perform ritual, but it doesn’t actually give any rules.