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Perfect prank…

I think this is going on my bucket list . . . Can we please do this next summer guys!? I say Hannah has to dive out of the toilet paper... 👈I find it funny that this was the comment before I posted this......I would be the one to do this @jsinsel

(Hey, I lost my phone… April Fool's Day prank idea? Heh! heh! ) I can already name which one of my friends would fall for this Bahaha


Only Truly Evil People Would Play One Of These 32 Tricks... LOLOL, Wow.

Good thing that guy just went to the bathroom, or he probably would have wet his pants.

I would have crapped my pants but that would be really funny for a prank to try on my friends.... Fun fact: this movie was my husband and I's first date - afterward, he threatened to do this in my closet. My parents said they would help.

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