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Kerning is an important feature of typography because it is the amount of space between the letters in text. A smaller kerning will make the letters closer together, which creates more space on the page, and a larger kerning spreads the letters apart.  http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/K/kerning.html

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Kerning typically isn’t a word used to describe a world of fun, but Kern Type, the kerning game, will change your take on that for sure. Another amazing Method.ac game, your goal is to get your font’s kerning perfect… or else…

"Kerning" refers to the amount of white space in between letters. This example shows the variations in space, the middle being very condensed while the bottom is very extended.

Kerning in practice: beware odd letter spacing

kerning Typography Kerning in Practice: Beware of the odd Letter Spacing