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Peek-a-boo I see you! {I used to play peek-a-boo with my cat, I'd hold a tea towel up and down in front of him. He didn't like being hidden, so would pull the towel down with his paw. So cute!

Focused feline.

Such beautiful pastel colors on this adorable dilute calico kitten!

The first reference to the name Chartreux for the blue cats is found in the Universal Dictionary of Commerce, Natural History and the Arts and Trade of Savvary of Brusion, published in 1723, which also mentions the cats’ association with the fur trade.

Chartreux Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Amber eyed kitten, reminds me of my girl, Amber, who was coincidentally named after the color of her eyes.

he's a thinking man's cat.

The Thinking Kitty

Funny pictures about The Thinking Kitty. Oh, and cool pics about The Thinking Kitty. Also, The Thinking Kitty photos.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are closely related to the Siberian cat, and the Norwegian Forest cat shares many of its characteristics. It is said that these cats were introduced by Vikings around 1000 AD.