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i really want to learn how to play it :3

Reasons to love the beatles

HI john! George - "come at me bro" and paul is in the wrong neighbourhood

Paul is confused, George and Ringo will beat you up and then there's John being himself

Me trying todo wink

20 incredible photos of the Beatles filming Help! in England, Austria and the Bahamas, Paul McCartney filming Help! The Beatles filming Help! in Austria, Paul McCartney filming Help! John Lennon and George Harrison filming Help!

Cheesy grin there Paulie boy!

Paul McCartney on stage during The Beatles' concert at the Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, Minnesota, August

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Rock Turtleneck extends a Happy Birthday to Richard Starkey , aka Ringo Starr . If you're wondering what to get him, all Ringo wants.

Ringo's rings

I've always wanted to have a bunch of rings to be like my dear Ringo