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iPainting Nashville View

We hope you enjoy our latest art print “Nashville View”.

Acrylic Nashville Sunrise

We hope you enjoy our latest acrylic “Nashville Sunrise”.

Watercolor Washington In The Park

We hope you enjoy this watercolor of “Washington In The Park”.

Alaskan Silver Harriet Douglass

To call Harriet Douglass a spy wasn’t exactly accurate. She had been a regular person like Edward, until an adventure in Washington DC happened. Harriet Douglass had s…

"Cafe Alaska" acrylic @ http://www.pruittwrites.com/2015/05/09/acrylic-cafe-alaska/

We hope you enjoy an extra, unexpected post, thank you Wordpress, the acrylic “Cafe Alaska”.


In the World War I era, men who argued up until the voting booth, fought in the trenches together. From our first to our latest conflict, opposite sides have been brothers in arms…


We love excitement, as long as it’s A. not happening to us, or B. it’s something we consider good. The problem is, we have ignored two important points behind every surprise.

Alaskan Silver Running For Your Life

It was imperative that they show no signs of worry. The Pick Axes mustn’t know that Sgt Silver had learned their plan.

iPainting City Home

There is a lot of modern construction in Nashville. This is a iPainting, in a watercolor sketch style, modeled after a set of new apartments across from our church, Point Of Mercy in Nashville.

Acrylic: Tuscany

We hope you enjoy our Sunday Afternoon Art Post, “Tuscany”.

This is our latest acrylic painting, "The Lady With The Umbrella". We hope you enjoy it.

This is our latest acrylic painting, "The Lady With The Umbrella". We hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year 2018

Pin case midnight is passed your bedtime, like me, Happy New Year 2018 from