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Awesome home workout for making those legs BURN! :-) Make sure to check out our fitness tips, nutrition info and more at www.

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worked on my jumping skills and my calves were on fire. Had to modify burpees to half burpees.increased plank to 2 minutes. Loved this hard workout and will do again.

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Killer leg workout to do at the gym! You'll definitely walk away feeling this in your way to a better lower body!

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Arms Workout

findingmyownstrength: “ Slightly modified version of the Shoulders & Arms Workout. It’s one of my all time favorite videos to do, but I couldn’t find a working link anywhere!

Beach Leg Workout

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Full Body Cardio workout. I want to able to get to this level without having to rest in between. And also not die.

the jumping jack make your heart lungs and vessels work because it takes oxygen to breathe so if you run out of breath you know you will have a good lung strength to catch your breath faster and smoother and you will not have to take deep breaths