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Moirails.. There is a 69% chance I spelled that wrong..
Jane Crocker, Roxy Lalonde, Dirk Strider, and Jake English
Day Twenty Two-A post dedicated to your Auspitice: She is be in my real life, but I love her. She keeps my fan troll self from killing the scum bag I was black shipped with. (AGAINST MY WILL. I HATE THAT JERK WAGON!)
If anyone ever asks me who Dave Strider is and why I'm obsessed with him, I will show them this.
Homestuck - It'll bleed your soul dry and yet you'll still fall into helpless giggles whenever you see a can of Tab.
Nope.... Vriska and Tavros are not Matesprites. but if Vriska would calm down she would work well with Tavros
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If this is a fandom I'm not in it but omg lol<<< HOW DO YOU NOT RECOGNIZE HOMESTUCK
Yeah, although no guy has EVER hit on me for being a gamer... they tend to cringe in fear, actually.