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Defeat video phobia: 3 YouTube tips:You’re not alone if you haven’t yet jumped onto YouTube. Here are three ideas to help you overcome common concerns or roadblocks to producing great online videos.


Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

Self-confessed 'nomophobic' (no-mobile-phone phobia) Harry Wallop looks at ways to cut back on his smart-phone addiction.

Take control of your mind and banish negative thoughts and phobias with an insightful online introductory NLP course from e-Careers. NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming is a discipline that allows you to become more aware of your thought patterns, allowing you to hopefully gain a greater amount of mental control that can help you achieve your life goals. This comprehensive introductory online cou

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This Short Film Will Make You Think Twice About How Much Time You Spend Online

This short film by British filmmaker Gary Turk raises several questions about how much of our lives we spend online, and what it's doing to our social lives. | This Short Film Will Make You Think Twice About How Much Time You Spend Online

STRANGER PHOBIA Following strangers is weird Not knowing who you are following. The feeling is totally creepy. I used to think it was weird to follow people that I didn't know. BUT thats the whole point of social media. You have to follow strangers. Its not creepy. Its what everyone does. Before I got over my phobia of following strange people I only followed my friends. I thought that would make things easier. But it only made things harder and more frustrating. My friends were not my…