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Here's a picture of the A1 posters we used within the library buildings to advertise the 'share one wonderful thing' competition.

We made this banner and used it as our library Facebook banner for the time that we ran our 'share one wonderful thing' competition.

This is a little animation we made to support out 'share something wonderful, win something wonderful!' competition. We put this on our library Facebook page.

During April and May we promoted the 'Knowing Our Customers' promise. To do this we asked our students to tell us one wonderful thing they had found out about the library - this would be one thing that we could share with new students starting in forthcoming academic year. We also wanted to encourage customers to use our library Facebook page for communication and dialogue, so we ran this promotion as a competition to win an iPad3 and we delivered this through our library Facebook presence.

Here are some of the wonderful 'my one things' that our customers posted on our library Facebook page.

Here is an example of the A1 poster that displayed in our libraries throughout December 2013.

Batman Returns...His books to the library. Little poster that belongs at the entrance to my library as a reminder for kids who pass by!

Good picture to have in a funky frame in the library... Fun and practical.