Explore Eating Snow, Eat Breakfast and more!

Facetiously Fit: Using a hydration backpack is better than eating snow.

Yesterday I woke up at 6 AM, fully intending to eat breakfast and then scoot on out the door on my long run.

Facetiously Fit: The treadmill heals all.

Facetiously Fit: The treadmill heals all.

Facetiously Fit: A post full of numbered random stuff.

I can't think of a theme for today's post, so I'm just going to pour out some random stuff on the page for you all to soak in and enjoy.

Facetiously Fit: Dog pictures plus my first run-bike-run workout.

I got an early start this Saturday morning, mainly because my dogs like to wake us up several times while we are sleeping to take them out o.

Nike people: I need more pockets. | Facetiously Fit

It's Christmas, and I got lots of cool fitness stuff today (along with a lot of body wash/beauty products from the hubbs;

Facetiously Fit: Weight Training and Gratuitous Dog Pictures

It is Friday, people, and we all know what that means. Well, we know what it means if you're me and you're up at 4 A.

Facetiously Fit: Alabama trail running and lots of dog pictures.

I went to Alabama this week. In case you don't know, the drive from where I am in Illinois (almost Wisconsin) to eas.

Facetiously Fit: Mother Nature: Knock it off so I can run outside.

This week has been another week stuck on the treadmill because Mother nature feels like she has something to prove by either making it:

Facetiously Fit: My long run is the boss of me.

So I came home last night and was too tired to do my tempo run. Plus, my foot was kind of tweaking and hurting, so I decided to get a good .