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Christopher john millington Unbreakable: Photo black on black jeans boots leather shirt tattoo tatted beard hair streetstyle hipster t shirt menswear fashion

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Fuckkkk he is so hot!

the beard.

very black full thick beard and mustache beards bearded man men mens' style so handsome


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street fashion Fashion by mackey.

Black and Black.

B&W outfit with fur coat

Wait for me, my love..............

In LVoe with Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton Men's Damier Infini Collection

Oto najpopularniejsze trendy w Pinach w tym tygodn... - WP Poczta

robin wright sexy and stunning.

bearditorium: “ Franggy ” OH MY GLOB, HE’S PERFECTION

bearditorium: “ Franggy ” OH MY"

band promo | Tumblr

band promo | Tumblr

Sruli Recht Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  “Circumsolar”—a word that seems only to lead to foreskins drying in the sun—the designer says the collection’s clothes are “drawn by the dust of a meteor’s tail in orbital decay, illuminated by our sun.”  Lamb-coated Aluminium. “Before departing, the lamb is placed partly submerged in a tank, where through scientific application the aluminium, like adamantium, is fused between the first few layers of the epidermis,” Three words: BLACK METAL…

Fashion M // Sruli Recht

Ha! Yeah, that's valid.

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Chris John Millington getting a haircut - full thick dark beard and mustache beards bearded man men men's style hair hairstyles cut barber so handsome

men's fashion & style : Photo

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