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KING RICHARD I THE LIONHEART 1189-1199 son of Henry II "Curtmantel" & Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine Capet. Rebelled against his father twice before becoming King. Richard had a reputation as a warrior known as Richard ‘The Lion Heart’. After 3 successful crusades he was captured by the Duke of Austria. Upon release he returned to England where his brother John Lackland was ruling in his stead. Killed at war in France.

Meriadoc Brandybuck - In The Lord of the Rings, Merry was often considered, and was described by Tolkien as, the most perceptive and intelligent of the Hobbits: for example, even before Bilbo Baggins left The Shire, he knew of the One Ring and its power of invisibility. He guarded Bag End after Bilbo's party, protecting Frodo from the various and often unwanted guests. He had a knowing manner and an innocent, teasing sense of humour.

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Create a Lush Celtic Garden Oasis

A Celtic natural garden with beautifully designed gates, open, leading in to the garden. The garden conjures images of tranquility for those who believe in Celtic, Norse, Danaus, or other ancient ways of Gods with Goddesses.

Cheyenne legend: An eagle was trapped in a dead elk's antlers. After asking for help from a warrior who was out hunting, he is set free. The eagle is so grateful that his life has been saved that before flying away, he tells the man to go to the other side of a hill & to look below. There the warrior sees his reward, an Appaloosa stallion, covered with black and white spots exactly like an eagle's feathers.

One this day in 1922, Howard Carter & Lord Carnarvon entered the tomb of King Tut after 3,000 years. View of the antechamber of the Tomb of Tutankhamun looking south, Valley of the Kings (gelatin silver print) by Harry Burton / The Stapleton Collection