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Visual artists: Ever wondered about “Creative Commons” licenses? Today on the blog, we give the lowdown and some perspective for you and your art business.

same, but different: derivative works

Artists: Establish clear boundaries for yourself.There's the time and space when you’re gathering and studying your sources of inspiration, Then there's the separate time and space when you’re creating your own work. This practice will help you stay true to your own original expression.

Did you know copy*right* is actual a lil bundle o' rights? Quick, can you name all 4? Head on over to our blog (link in profile) for the scoop—in a tidy 150 word package. #f13creative #copyright #intellectualproperty

what do I gain by registering my copyright?

There’s an old saying that the law won’t help those who sleep on their rights. The Copyright Act embodies this idea by rewarding those who timely register and arguably punishing those who don’t. Click the image to read more on our blog.

You’ve probably heard some philosophical arguments against copyright law. You’ve probably also wondered about the practicality of managing your usage rights. Today on the blog, we encourage healthy debate while advocating for thoughtful protection of your property.

substantial similarity 101

As an artist, how do you know when you’ve crossed the line from being inspired by others into improper copying? Learn more:

where your copyrights come from

But we’d much rather see you in the studio than the courtroom, so let’s be sure we’re all operating on the right side of the law, okay?

the art of not assuming

Let’s not kid ourselves, negotiations are challenging. But there are lots of ways you can make them easier on yourself!

Before you begin, it's worth contemplating the end…

With careful management of your copyright, the income possibilities for a single artwork are, theoretically, limitless.