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Remember this ride? The barrel pins you to the wall while the floor drops! I haven't seen this in years. The previous Pinner said that this ride has been virtually eliminated from theme parks. I remember riding this at Six Flags Magic Mtn.

A traditional helter-skelter funfair ride which is painted in bright bold colours.

A traditional helter-skelter funfair ride, I love the painted bright bold colours and its unique structure.

Spin us faster faster faster on the Waltzers - took my Nan on this, almost finished her off!!

When the travelling funfair came to town I would always be found at the Waltzers. Best ride of all I loved the Waltzers.

Book one:  Marcus runs away from Ethan when stuff is getting real during a mania phase. Stealing Betsy to do so. Ethan finds him. Afterwards Marcus goes to the isle of white until he he returns to a "norm" phase.

Great Moments In Retailing: Hull Fair

Knotts Berry Farm- Love this place. The rides are fast and fun and better than Disneyland and Six Flags in my opinion.

Knotts Berry Farm - rode my first roller coaster here, that I enjoyed anyway.

Taken at Morey's Piers, on the boardwalk, Wildwood NJ.

Taken at Morey's Piers, on the boardwalk, Wildwood NJ.where my childhood memories were made :) love, love, love the shore!