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Vintage propaganda poster from the American Revolution.

The rattles represent the 12 values. The sections of the snake represent the 9 principles, not the 13 colonies.

Political Cartoons- American Revolution

This is an example of a political cartoon used during the Revolutionary War. These cartoons were used to help the Patriots gain support.

In 1775, the American Revolution began, and the Continental Congress started printing paper currency (“continentals”) to help fund it. They asked Benjamin Franklin to design the notes. Never one to squander a potential platform for his views, Franklin emblazoned the notes with emblems and mottos intended to instill republican virtues of hard work and self-reliance. The bill above says “Mind Your Business;” his six-dollar bill had the Latin word Perseverando (“Perseverance”), while his…

Continental Currency One-Third-Dollar obv - Early American currency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

American Revolution | Amagi Clothing

MAY Ben Franklin's "Join or Die" political cartoon published in The Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper. image: File:Benjamin Franklin - Join or Die.

Faces of the men who won America's independence: Amazing early photos of heroes of the Revolutionary War in their old age

Faces of the American revolution: Amazing early photographs which document some of the heroes of the War for Independence in their later years

These stunning images are early photographs of some of the men who bravely fought for their country in the Revolutionary War some 237 years ago.

1777 map of Boston by the English - useful while teaching JOHNNY TREMAIN by Esther Forbes.  Free setting activity template and some fun, unique teaching materials at at https://litwits.com/johnny-tremain/

A Plan of the Town of Boston, 1775 by Lieut. Page of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers

american revolutionary war weapons

The American Revolutionary weapons. Great Britain had the advantage because of their wealth to buy the weapons.