I know what you are thinking: Deck-a-wha? Here, let’s break it down…. Decahedron: A polyhedron with ten flat faces. Apparently, there are sub-sets of decahedron too. This one is a pentagonal dipyramid decahedron. Just typing that sentence makes me feel pretty effin’ mathtastic. Himmeli: A traditional Finnish Christmas ornament made from short strips of straw. …

Aunt Peaches: Decahedron Himmeli Mobile. OMG I've been wanting to make something like this for YEARS and now there's a tutorial. gd.

A traditional Finnish Christmas craft, Himmeli are related to straw decorations in Sweden, Latvia and Romania.

Geometric pollen ball sculpture (aka Finnish himmeli mobile ornament). Great DIY tutorial on how to make it for less than a dollar using plastic straws from Bower Power.

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