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Siege is a fast-paced card game of skill, luck and strategy in which 2 to 4 players engage in medieval warfare. Using various attacks, defensive measures, enhancements and the abilities of those garrisioned within their castles, the players battle to see who will be the last one standing. As players are defeated, they become the Plague and still influence the outcome of the game.


Lyre Back 'Voyeuse' Chair in the Manner of Georges Jacob

Early 19th c.; A cream painted wood, yellow upholstered voyeuse. A chair on which a "voyeur" would kneel or sit astride while watching a group engage in a game of cards but not actually being a player in the game. The chair would be positioned with its back towards the players and be off to the side of the game table.

‘Nuclear War’ Game, 1965. It describes itself as a ‘comical cataclysmic card game of global destruction’. The game is played as follows: ‘Two to six players engage in touchy negotiations until a warmonger pushes the button!’ The game ends when only one, or no, country is populated. (Everyone’s a winner!)

Magarena for Mac OS 1.69 Magarena is an open-source, single-player fantasy card game played against a computer opponent. The rules for Magarena are based on (but not exactly the same as) Magic: The Gathering. Its main goals are an advanced AI, intuitive interface, engaging gameplay and program stability. #retrogaming #videogames

from Martha Stewart

Martha's Words of Wisdom: "Living the Good Long Life"

I am not a big social game player, but the value of knowing a fun card game or word or numbers game to play when there is downtime is very beneficial. I like cards but have really never had a lot of that “downtime” to engage in poker or bridge or even canasta. I recently learned an easy card game called Gozo that can be played by up to five people, and uses two decks of cards. It is a lot of fun and very engaging. I do promise, however, to really learn both poker and bridge, and I also…

EXODUS is a new trading card game with superior artwork where players engage in epic duels with one another!

A FANTASTIC game for practicing math facts! I've played this using addition/subtraction for grades 2/3 and with multiplication/division as enrichment for grade 4's. Kids love this game!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Parts of Speech Game - "ONE" Plays Like UNO

Reinforce Parts of Speech with this "UNO" style card game!

AC/DC**The Exciting Electric Circuit Game (A Card Game To Electrify You!) by Ampersand Press. A fun way to understand electric circuits! 84 cards, each representing a part of an electric circuit. First player to finish putting together his circuits-before his opponents shock or short him out, wins! An engaging way to learn about electric circuits. For experts too. Directions and easy explanation of electric circuits are included. 2-6 players. Ages 9 to Adult