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The Escape “This is made from three images, shot at Lake Crescent in the Olympic Peninsula, near Seattle. My partner and I shot images of me moving to and from the boat, keeping the camera in one position for most of them. I composited them in Photoshop to produce a surreal, multi-self image of the scene.”

Breakfast Martin Grohs, Germany, using Photoshop CS3 “Thisisoneofmyfavouriteworks,becauseI photographed all the items myself. The idea came to me while having breakfast. The picture was taken from four individual shots, which I assembled using Photoshop. There are really only a few Layer Masks, which were combined in the final image. It was important for me that it was clean, high-class and, of course, realistic-looking.”

Aaarghhh! Abel Tonkens, The Netherlands, using Photoshop CS5 “This is a self-portrait using two pictures – one with an open mouth and the other with my hand covering it. Both were shot in Raw so that I could make them‘pseudo HDR’. I blended the pictures in Photoshop using a Layer Mask on the ’covered mouth’ picture. After this, I carried out the black and white processing, some sharpening, dodging and burning plus some vignetting to get the final result.”

This is a 10x12 Giclee quality fine art reproduction on archival bamboo paper mounted on a 10x12 wooden stretcher. Inks are fully archival.

from Etsy

Night Swimming - a large original mixed media painting on canvas - deep blues, turquoise, teal oceanscape, beach waves, words and collage