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1923 dragon twist (tornado of fire) that incinerated 44,000 Japanese following devastating earthquake that claimed 140,000 lives. I had never heard of a 'dragon twist' or tatsumaki.

San Francisco earthquake and fire,1906. Over 225,000 of the city’s 400,000 residents were homeless. Fires destroyed about 28,000 buildings and 500 blocks – ¼ of San Francisco.

The hurricane of 1900 hit Galveston, Texas with a fury. It was referred to as the "Great Storm". Winds exceeded 135 mph and in today's standards, it would be classified as a Category 4 storm. Hurricanes had not yet been named. Between 6,000 - 8,000 people were killed and 10,000 left homeless. It is still believed to be the deadliest storm in U.S. history.

As if we weren't ALREADY convinced the world is coming to an end, an Australian filmmaker scouting locations in the outback recently captured a firenado. The world hasn't seen one of these MONSTERS on such a large scale since 1923, in the aftermath of Japan's Great Kanto Earthquake. To reiterate: Firenado. A TORNADO MADE OF FIRE

May 6, 1937, the hydrogen-filled German dirigible "Hindenburg" bursts into flames and crashes while docking in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 out of the 97 on board.

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