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MOTO Denim Pelmet skirt

MOTO Denim Pelmet skirt - Skirts - Clothing - Topshop

Ik vind het nog moeilijk om te zien en dat maakt het misschien wat afstandelijk

from Career Girl Daily

Don’t Forget To Pack: All The Essentials You Need In Your Gym Bag

Heather-Grey is just really cute. Plus it matches. And joggers are perfection

from Time for Fashion

Style Consultancy

Time for Fashion » Style Consultancy

This made me think of you! Hope you are having a good summer. You never did do a mermaid piece.


Kick-ass digital postcards for women to love and treasure

Beautiful illustration by Carol Rossetti. Don't cage yourself for not being conventional. Societal standards of beauty change every 10-15 years. There are more important things in life. Character, ambition. Your body is a tool for you to use, it is not you in and of itself.

This isn't completely true. Your all on about 'the youtubers' as in zoella, pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley and all those other people who only care about money. There are loads of amazing youtubers, you just won't accept them because they wear eyeliner, they are emo, they listen to emo music, they are all 'depressed emo idiots who should cut their wrists and kill them selves.' Johnnie guilbert, Bryan stars, Jordan sweeto, Alex dorame, jeydon wale, Eugenia, Damon fizzy, Shannon, kyle David hall,