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Kill la Kill - Mankanshoku Mako the crazy and hilarious one

Source: you-gotta-have-blue-hair on tumblr. <- Not even the Titans can take down the awesomeness of IRA GAMIGOORI!

Kill la Kill | Mako Mankanshoku & Ira Gamagori | Anime | Fanart | SailorMeowMeow

This is one of my favorite personified versions of Senketsu :) He is my all time favorite character in the show followed by Ryuko, Mako, and Gamagori :) I totally ship Ryuko and Senketsu, I dont care if it's weird.

pixiv art klk kill la kill mako mankanshoku ira gamagoori iramako gamako gamagori x mako otp cuties i'm on a iramako posting spree today

Normally I don't care much for het-ships, but Gamagoori and Mako are too cute together. X3

kill la kill mikisugi meme - Google Search