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Gandalf by ~StoryTellerF on deviantART

Gandalf by ~StoryTellerF on deviantART

Ring King - Nazgul by ~Geistig on deviantART #comic #art #lotr

Artwork: ring king by fantasy artist Kyle Anderson. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.

art of alan lee - Google Search

The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook: Alan Lee - Theoden and Wormtongue. Another pinner said: (I love Alan Lee!

Tolkien:Lord of the middle earth by breathing2004 (Jian Guo).  Holy Smokes!

Tolkien:Lord of the middle earth English writer, scholar and philologist, Tolkien's father was a bank manager in South Africa. When his father died in Tolkien:Lord of the middle earth

Barad-dûr, the “Dark Tower” - J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth -Lord of the Rings / The Silmarillion | Sauron, the Dark Lord, ruled Mordor from Barad-dûr; the greatest fortress ever built since the fall of Angband, and much of his personal power went into it. The Eye of Sauron kept watch over Middle-earth from its highest tower. It was located in north-west Mordor close to Mount Doom. | Matt Ferguson Lord of the Rings Poster Set

The Matt Ferguson Lord of the Rings Posters set has now been revealed and it'll be on sale from January 15 though 18 to anyone who wants one.

Gandalf the Grey, an Istari that cameout of Aman as well.  He defeated the Balrog of Moria at Zirik-zigal but fell also.  Due to the nature of his mission he was allowed to return to middle-earth and take over the order as Saurman at this time had become corrupted at Isengard. He would help the free-people stave off and defeat Sauron finally, thus allowing him to travel over the sea back to Aman.  Only one of the Istari not corrupted and accomplished his mission from which he never strayed…

Mithrandir, Gandalf, Olórin, Tharkûn and The White Rider. Oh and the Grey Pilgrim

The Return of Gandalf • Tim Hildebrandt

Ilustraciones fantásticas El Señor de los Anillos y Tolkie

Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings original calendar 1978 - Gandalf

Runes and the English letter values assigned to them by Tolkien, used in several of his original illustrations and designs for The Hobbit.?

Runes and the English letter values assigned to them by Tolkien, used in several of his original illustrations and designs for The Hobbit. << My friend taught me this alphabet a bit. I was fun to write to each other!

Ted-Nasmith-Gandalf-y-el-Balrog-en-lo-Alto-del-Celebdil-Batalla-de-la-Cima-copia.jpg (880×882)

Gandalf and the balrog upon Celebdil by Ted Nasmith (Limited Edition giclee print of 50 copies, signed and numbered) - Tolkien Library

Gandalf the Grey by StoryTellerF on DeviantArt

Link, Legend of Zelda Athens, Greece-based artist Fotis Varthis has created The Byzantine Series, a collection of historic Byzantine-style paintings of mod

Post with 4179 votes and 68318 views. Shared by Thanmarkou. Collection of magnificent Middle-Earth illustrations along with detailed Lore

Chihuahua dog drypoint etching art black and by BeMyNightbird

Weird dog drypoint etching fine wall art print, handmade unusual gift for her, strange black and white whimsical surreal chihuahua dog decor

Petar Meseldzija (b1965 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia (Serbia)

Love this rendition og Gandlaf vs the Balrog in Moria by Peter Meseldzija- The-Lord-of-the-Rings-Gandalf